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What do we believe?

We believe in one God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We believe we are part of the whole Christian Church, but we don't believe we are the only true Church or that we are the ones who have got it right above all others.

We believe that God lovingly calls us, each one, into the community of the church.

We believe that  ‘God’s Word in the Bible’ is the highest authority for our believing and living.

 We believe that faith has to be renewed for every generation.

We believe in the freedom to state the faith in new ways and to seek new ways of living in obedience to Christ.

We believe in the rights of personal conviction and conscience.

We believe that the church, in things that affect obedience to God, to be independent of the state.

We believe in working with other denominations to build up God's Kingdom on earth.

(paraphrased from

Bishop of Gloucester
Working with other denominations-
Bishop of Gloucester at Prestbury URC
Easter 2013

Palm Sunday at Warden HillPalm Sunday at Warden Hill

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