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Dear Friends,

We started the year with a very full church at the Thanksgiving Service for Kate Alger with all her grandchildren contributing within the service as we celebrated the joy she had brought to everybody. The retiring offering for Sue Ryder resulted in my sending a cheque to them for £1,160.

Comments in the prayer handbook for February:

“The Church is like a swimming pool: all the noise is at the shallow end. When I am safe in the shallow end with my feet firmly on the floor, when I am surrounded by the familiar and content with what I know.

May I hear your voice saying - Don’t be afraid.”

That is very apt for us at this time after 18 months in vacancy. How much longer we might have to wait I do not know but I do know that we will get someone who is right for us. Our prayers have to be for our many members who are now too infirm to come to church or who have suffered health problems or bereavements in their family recently. They have all contributed to our community over many years and they appreciate the thoughts about them that come from being part of a wider community rather than being left isolated as happens to some who have little social contact or activity.

Did you hear about the chap who got introduced to doing sports activities in care homes? He was interviewed on radio recently and told the story of an ex professional footballer with dementia who for 30 minutes a week showed everyone else in the home how to dribble, control the ball and do throw ins. They were activities that his children had not seen him doing for many years and they were delighted to see him so alive and alert.

The skills are still there but they are suppressed so the question I raise is - what skills or interests do you have that you have suppressed and where your health might benefit from a change of approach?

David Black

Pump Room

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