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Dear Friends


Autumn is upon us!


The harvest has been gathered and all of God’s creation is preparing for the coming winter months. Birds are flying south to their winter homes. Squirrels are gathering in their nuts and winter stores. The leaves are changing colour, and our tortoise is getting sleepier and very shortly won’t awaken until spring. It’s a stunning time of year!


Living amidst the beautiful rural Gloucestershire countryside, we have a constant reminder of our dependence on God our Creator and Sustainer, and have an opportunity to renew our commitment to him as good stewards of the earth. Will you?


Christ came so that we might have life and have it in abundance (John 10.10) but there are many who are helpless, marginalised, destitute and unloved; some of them live in Cheltenham! As the body of Christ, we are called into Christian community so that all can share in the harvest. It’s therefore a time of year to renew our commitment as good neighbours, to seek the face of Christ in others and to share the hope of the Gospel.


Over the coming weeks try to find time to pray to God and to give Him thanks for the rich bounty of creation that he has provided us with. Then, if you feel able, commit yourself afresh as stewards of this planet, reflect on the harvest in your lives, and ponder what you might be able to do for others. Then watch, remember and wait, as we look forward to celebrating that moment of incarnation, where heaven and earth touched, and everything changed.


With every blessing.

Revd Gary.


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