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Dear Friends

Meetings, meetings, meetings – the URC thrives on them. We meet for worship, for business, for study, socially, in small groups and large ones. Friends are made, networking

is done. Meetings are the oil that keeps the whole working. It has always been so, humans cannot exist in isolation. We read in Acts 2 of a massive public gathering that turned into a meeting, the day of Pentecost. Pentecost, a Jewish festival, drew the crowds to Jerusalem, an event that was utilised by God to send the Holy Spirit. Everyone understood what Peter was saying despite speaking different languages. The CHURCH was born.

We shall be celebrating the ‘Birthday of the Church’ on 9th June this year at St Andrew’s. This will also be our United Pastorate Service, celebrating the birthday of the Cheltenham United Reformed Church when Prestbury, St Andrew’s and The Church in Warden Hill come together to worship. The theme of this service is yet another birthday celebration – 20 years of ‘Open the Book’. Members of all three churches will be taking part.

We also hear about another important meeting from Luke at the start of Acts in chapter 1 verse 15. This was a business meeting within worship. We, also have this type of meeting. Every two years, the West Midlands Synod of the URC (there are 13 Synods across the country) invites delegates, worshippers, friends, to a conference style meeting lasting 24 hours. We are all invited. Business is only the concern of the regular Synod reps, the rest of the programme is worship, workshops, news, speakers, socialising. If you have never experienced this type of meeting this could be your challenge! Come for the whole 24 hours or just the Saturday. You will not be disappointed. Details can be found on Page 5.

Whatever the type, style, and purpose of the meeting we attend we are communicating with each other, and with God.




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